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The Santa Cruz Heckler
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Equipped for all Bicycle Services.
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Visit our family-owned Namibian bike shop for top-notch bikes and
service that'll make you feel like royalty on your next cycling adventure.
Stop by now and experience pure joy on two wheels!
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Recommended every 3 months
(dependent on use) as a regular bike check-up where our mechanics will cast an expert eye over your bicycle to ensure it’s safe to ride and that all of the key parts are working to specification and adjusted correctly. 
Our mechanics will help you spot failing parts early and recommend any parts and labour that might soon be needed. Better safe than sorry!

Recommended every 6 months
(dependent on use) under this level of service you receive all the care and attention of our Bronze service but we’ll go that step further. We’ll remove all the major parts – chain, cassette, derailleurs etc clean/inspect and replace. We’ll clean your hubs and rims, true wheels and have your bike looking as good as new. As with our Bronze service we’ll advise you of anything that should be done over and above the Silver service level and likely costs.

Recommended every 12-18 months
(Again dependent on use). If you use your bike regularly, we’d recommend you take advantage of a full service about once per year. Our mechanics will dismantle your bike to its frame, removing parts, checking for wear or damage and replacing any parts that are failing. We then build your bike up to manufacturers specifications, properly lubing and greasing where necessary and ensuring all fixings are tightened to correct torques. We then return your bike to you good as new.

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Meet Your Technicians

Heinrich Khone

Shop Owner, Senior Bicycle Technician, Bike Fittings

Tamatie Sous

Senior Bicycle Technician, Youth Cycling Couch

Lameka Shmiiboio

Wheel True Expert,
Bicycle Technician

Keep your bike in peak conditions has never been simpler.

Bike Maintenance App for Cyclists

Available To Download

For free via App Store and Google Play. 

Get out of your

Comfort Zone

Client Testimonials

Amazing, affordable
and reliable service

Elton Nasimane Ambambi

Simply the best!

Deon Schlechter

Great shop, also willing to help and fix, not just sell new. Heinrich is friendly, helpful and passionate about what he does.

Carsten Kruger

Heinrich is very helpful and makes a plan to sort you out... Keep up the good work 👍👍👍

Dibadouks De Groot

Good bike place with friendly people.

John Mutesi

Ride With Confidence

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