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Recommended every 3 months
(dependent on use) as a regular bike check-up where our mechanics will cast an expert eye over your bicycle to ensure it’s safe to ride and that all of the key parts are working to specification and adjusted correctly. 
Our mechanics will help you spot failing parts early and recommend any parts and labour that might soon be needed. Better safe than sorry!

Price: N$ 890

Frame & Forks: – We will wipe down & inspect the frame and forks for damage/alignment.
Wheels: – Both hubs and rims are then checked for damage and wear.
Tyres: Each tyre and sidewall are checked for wear/damage and inflated to recommended pressure.
Headset: The headset is checked for any play and adjusted as necessary.
Bottom Bracket: – We will check the bottom bracket for signs of movement and any play adjusted as necessary.
Bolts: All your bolts/cones are checked as we progress through the service and tightened to the correct torque or specification.
Drivetrain: The drivetrain is inspected for wear and lubricated.
Gears: We will adjust the front and rear derailleurs to ensure correct operation. Brakes: We will also check your brakes to ensure they are working correctly and adjust as necessary.

As we progress with the service we will carry out a full safety check on all parts to ensure the cycle is safe to ride.

*Excludes cost of parts, prices applicable when booked with Bronze Service only. Cycledelic Bike Workshop will inform clients of any parts requirements before proceeding with work. We will call the contact number provided to discuss any additional costs. Where we have been unable to discuss potential costs with you we will, at our discretion, proceed with work to ensure the best repair possible.

PLEASE NOTE: We will offer you our best advice on the wear of parts and if they should be replaced. For example, chains and cassettes wear out over time and where one is replaced the other often must follow. We will only recommend replacement parts or specific additional services where we believe it is prudent to do so.

Client Testimonials

Amazing, affordable
and reliable service

Elton Nasimane Ambambi

Simply the best!

Deon Schlechter

Great shop, also willing to help and fix, not just sell new. Heinrich is friendly, helpful and passionate about what he does.

Carsten Kruger

Heinrich is very helpful and makes a plan to sort you out... Keep up the good work 👍👍👍

Dibadouks De Groot

Good bike place with friendly people.

John Mutesi
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